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HOLOSUN 3X Flip to Side Magnifier,Black - HM3X

HOLOSUN 3X Flip to Side Magnifier,Black - HM3X

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  • Flip to the Side design.
  • Compatible with Absolute and Lower 1/3 Height Optics.
  • QD Mount and Spacer Included.
  • IP67 Certified.
  • Durable Aluminum housing.

The HM3X line of magnifiers will allow the operator to seamlessly transition
from unmagnified to 3X magnification. The new Holosun HM3X features an
adjustable diopter to dial in the desired focus, extremely clear glass, and
very generous eye relief. Mounting options include an integrated QD mount with
an optional spacer for Absolute Co-witness and Lower ? Co-witness.
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