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Vortex Optics Defender Flip Cap - Objective Lens O-50 (55-59 mm)

Vortex Optics Defender Flip Cap - Objective Lens O-50 (55-59 mm)

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  • A stainless steel spring flips the cap into multiple stop positions at 180 degrees and 45 degrees.
  • Outside diameter: 0-55 / 55-59 mm / 2.16 - 2.32 inches
  • Objective-50 Fits: RZR-31802, RZR-31803, RZR-52005, RZR-52006, PST-5258, PST-5255, PST-5251, VHS-4310, VHS-4325, VHS-4307-LR, VHS-4315-LR, VHS-4307, VPR-M-06MD, VPR-M-06BDC, DBK-M-03P, DBK-03-BDC, CF2-31011, CF2-31023, CF2-31027, CF2-31039, CF2-31045
  • Made in the USA.

Product Overview

This is the last flip cap you will ever need! Virtually indestructible, this cap will fit snugly on nearly all Vortex Optics and features a snap flat spring that will keep your line of sight unobstructed.

Weight 1.3 oz

Outside Diameter (inches) 2.2 - 2.3 inches

Outside Diameter (mm) 55-59 mm

Vortex Optics Lifetime Warranty

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