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Vortex Optics Defender-ST Micro Red Dot Sights - DFST-MRD3

Vortex Optics Defender-ST Micro Red Dot Sights - DFST-MRD3

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  • The Defender-ST micro red dot is as versatile as your interests. Built on a DeltaPoint Pro footprint with 12 brightness settings, this optic can be part of your EDC setup, mounted for turkey or run in competitions with the included picatinny rail mount.
  • Featuring a larger window than the Defender-CCW, the Defender-ST has a hard coated, aspherical lens. It is the perfect size for a smooth draw and wide enough to quickly acquire the dot while providing a distortion-free sight picture and truer colors.
  • Defender-ST automatically activates with motion, while the 10-minute auto-shutoff saves battery life. The motion activation only works when the unit is in sleep mode. Button lockout mode prevents unintentional setting changes.
  • Using a CR2032 battery, the Defender-ST has greatly improved battery life over the Defender-CCW line. Although battery life varies based on user habits, the battery runtime with the red dot continuously active at setting 6 is 25,000 hours.
  • The fast-rack textured front face adds grip for racking slide off of any surface. Waterproof, shockproof and with ArmorTek coating protecting the lens, the Defender-ST is ultra-durable. The ShockShield polymer insert protects against hard, daily abuse.

Whether running drills at the range or holding the line, the Defender-ST is
ready when and wherever you are. Rugged and reliable? It’s a given. Large
sight window? Absolutely. Motion-activation and a dot with adjustable
brightness deliver superior target acquisition, adaptability in all lighting
conditions, and faster follow-up. Experience what users mean when they discuss
the ideal, all-round red dot. With the Defender-ST, you're not just range-
ready, but set up with the toughness and adaptability your world demands.
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