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Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8x24 Illum AR-BDC3 MOA SFP Riflescope - SE-1824-2

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8x24 Illum AR-BDC3 MOA SFP Riflescope - SE-1824-2

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  • The updated Strike Eagle 1-8x24 is defined by speed and versatility. A true 1x on the low end adapts to a wide range of scenarios, letting shooters rapidly engage targets from point-blank to extended ranges.
  • The magnification ring has been updated and now includes a thread-in throw lever, and the magnification indicators can now be seen without coming off the scope.
  • The new illuminated BDC3 reticle focuses the shooter's eye to the target faster and holdovers allow for immediate use out to 650 yards for targets of known distance.
  • The fast focus dial on the eyepiece allows for quick and easy reticle focusing. Anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces provide increased light transmission for greater clarity and low-light performance.
  • The scope is nitrogen purged and o-ring sealed the for water and fogproof performance. The one piece, aircraft grade aluminum, 30mm tube is shockproof shrugging off recoil and other impacts.

Strike Eagle 1-8x24 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - BDC3 (MOA) Reticle (SE-1824-2)

Speed and versatilityÀ”thatÀ™s what 1x variable optics offer shooters who need to engage targets from point-blank out to 600 yards, and thatÀ™s exactly what you get with the redesigned Strike Eagle. With the BDC3 reticle and a thread-in throw lever, youÀ™ll be on target even faster.

BDC-3 (MOA) Reticle

  • Improved for ranging distances and holdovers and illuminated for clarity in low light.
  • Use the ranging feature at the top of the reticle to range a silhouette target up to 600 yd.
  • BDC subtensions accurately shoot targets from 20-650 yards.
  • 5 MPH wind increments

Throw Lever Installation

Thread in the included throw lever as shown until the throw lever is secured. Do not over torque the throw lever.


The magnification adjustment is used to change the riflescopeÀ™s magnification level, or "power,À adjusting from low to high magnification depending on the shooterÀ™s preference.

Side Illumination Control

To activate/adjust the illumination, rotate the adjustment dial in either direction. The illumination dial allows for 11 levels of illumination intensity.

Reticle Focus Adjustment

Your riflescope uses a fast focus eyepiece designed to quickly and easily adjust the focus on the riflescope˪s reticle.

1. Look through the riflescope at a blank white wall or at the sky.

2. Turn focus knob fully outward (counterclockwise).

3. Slowly turn the eyepiece focus knob inward until the reticle image is as crisp as possible.

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